Update on Win Prediction puzzle | New evaluator

Dear participants,

Thank you for bringing the issues in the Win prediction puzzle to our notice. In the puzzle, the boards were flipping randomly, and some of the boards had illegal moves.

Consequently, there are some key updates to the puzzle.

  1. All 3 datasets are updated to rectify the mistake, including the test dataset. Due to this all previous submissions for this puzzle have been nullified and will not be considered for the leaderboard.
  2. The evaluator for the puzzle is updated and the above 2 mistakes are rectified.

All the best!
Team AIcrowd

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But the dataset hasn’t test.csv file with ‘turn’ again…


Yesterday, when I was working on the WinPrediction puzzle, I looked at 4-5 chessboards, and if my memory is good, most of them was showing a chessmate position. Like the one share by victor here.

Now, with datasets updated, I found that most of positions are not chessmate ones (not even a chess). I am right?

Thank you in advance.

The turn column is in sample_submission.csv & you will soon be able to download test.csv too!

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Yep, we figured out the mistake that was there in the dataset & have updated it!

In this challenge, you have to predict the side that is going to win based on a snapshot of the board a few steps before checkmate. So you should be good to go!

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