Update on real-robots and REAL2020_starter_kit

Dear participants,
we have updated the real-robots package to v0.1.20 to fix some issues discussed here.

This update includes the following changes:

  • BasePolicy now includes both the action_space and the observation_space in its constructor.
    This way, the participants controller can be made aware of both spaces without directly accessing the environment or coding them by hand.
  • The observation space now includes the ‘goal_positions’ extended observation.
  • Both ‘object_positions’ and '‘goal_positions’ are now defined and returned as a dictionary of arrays of shape (3,) containing the objects x,y,z position.
    Note that during the intrinsic phase there is no goal, so ‘goal_positions’ is None, just as the ‘goal_mask’ observation.

The REAL2020_starter_kit repository has also been updated to reflect the changes.
When making new submissions, ensure that your real-robots copy and starter kit is updated and that your controller accepts also the new observation_space parameter.

Looking forward to more submission from you all! :slight_smile: