Unity Obstacle Tower Challenge: Welcome & Announcements

We’re excited to have you on-board for the Unity Obstacle Tower Challenge. The challenge is now live!

This contest was the combined effort of AIcrowd staff and volunteers and the challenge organizers behind the scenes and we’re excited to introduce them to you!

Challenge Organizers (Unity):

  • Arthur Juliani
  • Johnathan Harper


  • Anhad Jai Singh
  • Marcel Salathé
  • Shivam Khandelwal
  • Sharada Mohanty

Important: Please note that this thread will only be used for announcements by the challenge admins and participants should not post here. For any discussion about the contest, please create a new topic/post/thread and tag it with the correct category (Unity Obstacle Tower Challenge). Any posts that are not announcements to this thread will be moderated.

Visiting the category page will also show you all of the discussions happening around the contest, so please keep an eye on the discussions going on there!


The link to the starter kit with instructions on how to get started in this competition is available at : https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/obstacle-tower-challenge

We have pushed a new version of the obstacle-tower-env package (v1.2). Here are the changes:

  • Adds timeout_wait parameter to extend python wait time for Unity environment handshake.
  • Adds realtime_mode parameter to launch Unity environment from API at real-time speed and render to the window.
  • Updates Windows and Linux binaries to address launching issues.

If you have experienced issues launching the environment from our api on Windows or Linux, please download the new binaries, upgrade the python package to v1.2, and try again.

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