Unable to submit post 20th april

Hi, it looks like a lot of us are unable to perform a submission post 20th. It says “Error in notifying rails about the uploaded file”. Please look into it as the deadline has been pushed to 24th.

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Hello @Mizhaan

Thanks for notifying us. We updated the deadline and it should be working now. Can you try submitting again now?

I’m getting this error while submitting
How to resolve this?

Hi @sreenadhuni_kishan_r

We recently fixed this, can you close the notebook and run again from start, that should fix it.

The limit on submission count is showing 1 per day without any submission for both Taxi and Gridworld.
Please look into it.

I’m still getting the error while submitting

Still getting the same error as kishan. Please look into it

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the trouble.
It was a misconfiguration and the submissions limit should be increased now for everyone.

cc: @elisha_parhi_cs20d01, @sreenadhuni_kishan_r, @s_tarun_prasad_me17b

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