There may be some issues with the submission system

No progress on tasks 1, 2, 3

Hi @liuhao121,

We noticed that few nodes are getting provisioned with slower processing since morning, causing few subparts to end up with timeout. Ex, 1-3 in your submission.

We will be manually re-running 1-3 subsets as soon as your submission finishes for now.
Meanwhile, we are checking if anything changed in the provision scripts.

Sorry for the trouble. :sweat:

ok,I believe you can solve it well

Now i have submitted a new one

Hi @liuhao121,

Are they both the same code/model-wise?

In that case, re-running your 1-3 would be quicker than the new submission and we can stop the new one.

Edit: I noticed they are same. I am cleaning it up right now and you should have results soon in your older one. :smiley:

yes,they are the same,subset 8 is not completed, it also needs to be run again

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