๐ŸŽ‰ The final leaderboard is live

Dear participants,

The final leaderboards for the Music Demixing Challenge are now live! :tada:

The rankings on Final leaderboards A & B are based on your scores on all songs of the hidden test set, and represent your final scores.

Leaderboard A | Leaderboard B

We are in the process of doing the due diligence on the top submissions and have reached out to the respective participants and teams. We aim to finish up the due diligence in the coming weeks and will announce the winners as soon as it is done!

Please read below for more updates:

:headphones: MDX Workshop @ ISMIR

The challenge organizers are hosting a workshop at ISMIR 2021, and you are invited to submit papers for it! The papers should describe your system/findings from the Music Demixing Challenge.

If you are interested in submitting a paper for this, just reply to this post to express your interest and let us know!

:classical_building: Music Demixing Challenge Town Hall

We are looking to host a challenge Town Hall and bring the whole community together one last time. The Town Hall will feature talks from the top participants on their approaches to the challenge, and more!

Lastly, we will also be announcing the Final Winners of the challenge in the Town Hall :zap:

Stay tuned for more updates :eyes:



Congrats to all the winner!
My team have tried hard in the final week but still cannot beat the 3rd place in leaderboard A :laughing:.
Thank you guys for hosting this interesting challenge :+1: :+1:.


Well done to the winners and everyone else !!

Please would it be possible to have access to the dataset we were testing against? I want to try and keep improving my model and seeing how high i can get my score. And are we able to listen to our separations for all the songs?

PS Thanks to @woosung_choi and @defossez they both helped me a lot by answering my questions and helping me get started :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @kimberley_jensen,

You can make submissions to the challenge still!

Your submissions will be visible on the Leaderboard with โ€œInclude post-challenge submissionsโ€ toggled on from Leaderboard filters!



youโ€™re welcome @kimberley_jensen, Iโ€™m glad I could be of help :slight_smile:


Awesome challenge. Will MXDB21 be released as the โ€œnext genโ€ evolution of open demixing datasets?

The subject of the last town hall was how MUSDB18-HQ is small and itโ€™s potential has been tapped out.

A question about the ISMIR paper. So I thought the ISMIR deadline is finished. Is the MDX workshop call for papers separate from the ISMIR 2021 paper submissions?

Hi @sevagh,

yes, the ISMIR deadline is already over, but the call for extended abstract for the MDX workshop is separate, so if you want to submit something, there is still time.
You can find all the information here: https://mdx-workshop.github.io/.




Is this invite-only? https://github.com/mdx-workshop/submissions21 Or will it be public in the future?

Hi @sevagh,

Weโ€™re happy to hear you enjoyed the challenge! :smiley:
We are not planning to make MDXDB21 open for the moment, but we are discussing about keeping the evaluation system online, so that everyone can evaluate their models on it at anytime, even after the challenge ends.
This is still under discussion, once we make a final decision, we will announce it on our public channels (e.g. Twitter).

Thank you for pointing that out, Iโ€™m currently checking with the other organizers, Iโ€™ll come back to you ASAP.



Hi @sevagh,

we have now made the repository public.
IMPORTANT: the link has changed, it is now https://github.com/mdx-workshop/mdx-submissions21.

For the moment it is still not possible to make a submission, we will open that very soon, but for now you can take a look at the instructions on how to submit an extended abstract and how to format it.
In the Pull Requests page you can also find an example submission.

In case of any questions, donโ€™t hesitate to ask!


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