Task 2 and 3 output: PFS # of days accepted or not?


We have calculated our prediction output for Task 2 and 3 to be measured in the number of PFS days. Previously, instructions for Task 2 and 3 indicated that the output could be concordant with the PFS in days (e.g predicted PFS days). This is also mentioned in the discussion post here: Task 2 & 3 output. However, on the submission page, it explicitly states: “Reminder: For tasks 2 and 3, the scores should be anti-concordant with the PFS time (e.g. hazard score).”. Moreover, on the Overview page (Results submission format section), it states: “If you have a concordant output (e.g predicted PFS days), you can simply submit your_estimate times -1.”. Does this imply we can submit the number of days if we multiply -1 with the answer?

This is all a bit confusing. Can we submit our predictions as the number of days or not? Any insight or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Responding for the sake of future reference in case it helps other participants. I submitted the predictions in days multiplied by -1 and this seems to have worked.



Sorry about this confusion. We first planned on accepting both and then decided to accept only anti-concordant. If a submission was “wasted” due to the confusion, i.e. you submitted the #days, let me know and we can modify it.