System confirmation for submissions

Hi participants,

I noticed question from participant regarding system configuration for Snakes Challenge submissions.

Here is the configuration we use:

CPU: 3.92 cores
RAM: 12.3 GB
GPU (if requested via aicrowd.json, cuda: 10.0): K80

These are n1-standard-4 machine.

I hope this helps!
Wishing you best of luck for the challenge and excited to see awesome submissions. :smiley:

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Could you please confirm the CUDA version of the K80? [Edit:] Found it in the logs, its 10.0 still. Thanks

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From my experience, this depends on your environment-setup / docker file.


Hi @gokuleloop,

Yes, it is 10.0, sorry I mentioned the version in linked topic but not on this post. I have updated so it is visible here too now.

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