Submit both RL and OR method

What happen if have a OR submission then a RL submission?

Which result will be showed on leaderboard? or both?

Hi @junjie_li,

Currently best of those submissions is available on the leaderboard.

But I agree with your question, it is possible that someone’s OR submission have better score and RL even better. Although, I guess we assumed (probably wrongly) that one team may not be working in both OR & RL submission.

cc: @MasterScrat for your views

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Is there any update on this topic? What if there are teams working on both RL and OR submissions?

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There is ongoing work in this direction. @shivam can tell you more.

It’s now live! you can filter the leaderboard to see either RL or non-RL submissions.

Eg to see only RL submissions:

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