Submissions are being stuck on "Preparing the cluster for you" for a long time

@dipam @mohanty @snehananavati

My submissions are getting stuck on the Preparing the cluster for you phase and it looks like everyone elses submissions are too, some submissions have been submitted for 8+ hours and havent been graded.


Same here on the CDX track

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@dipam @mohanty @StefanUhlich @GiorgioFabbro

Please can this be looked into there is only 3 days left of this challenge and people havent been able to make there final submissions, i tried contacting you by email but thats broken aswell

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@dipam , this seems like an internal issue, could you look into this?

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@kimberley_jensen : There is a spike in the number of submissions because of the approaching deadline, and all the submissions are queued on the evaluation servers, and are all being eventually evaluated. Some submissions are timing out because of being in the queue for too long, and we are manually re-queuing them when that happens.

We will keep a close eye on the submission queues, and intervene as required.
Thank you for your patience.

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I found my previous submission and didn’t restart it.

Can you tell me when submissions can start? Because I see that the submissions are now on hold and I can’t get a final result. @mohanty


Thank you for your reply, I have not been able to make any of my final submissions that get evaluated for 4 days and now there is only 2 days left, my final submissions would improve my scores and position on the leaderboard and it could be the same for other people in the contest.

I think this challenge should be paused or extended by the amount of time since the issue started until the issue is fixed.


Hi @mohanty, could you also help me kill submissions #218648, #218669, and #218872?
They have been hanging there for days and I don’t want to waste my quota on that.

Hi @yoyololicon , those submissions won’t affect your daily quota.