Submission limit

The total number of submissions per day is only 5 right now. Please increase this as we had in the assignment(50).


Hi @arnav_anil_mhaske_cs

You should be able to test everything locally then submit.

Can you please share why the extra submissions are needed?

We kept submitting as our score improved (so that it would be saved) and hit the limit. It would be more convenient with a higher cap, but we can work without it as well.

Another reason why the submission should be increased (maybe to 10-20) is because of errors while submitting, as inference failed errors still count as a submission.

Hi @arnav_anil_mhaske_cs, since the test environments are slightly different, too many submissions on it to improve score is like overfitting, in this case we’d like to avoid overfitting.

Hi @Mizhaan, I’ve changed the settings so that 10 failed submissions per day are allowed, hopefully that will solve your problem.

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