Submission Grading: 0.0


My submissions are always rated 0.0 “Fraction of done-agents” and 0.0 “Mean Reward”, although it should be more…

See the following submission as an example:

When I run the local evaluation with the provided test environments, I get the following results:
# Mean Reward : -891.15
# Mean Normalized Reward : -4.19
# Mean Percentage Complete : 1.0

The issue of the online evaluation is showing the following results:
Simulations Complete : 20/20
Percentage Evaluation Complete : 100.0%
Mean percentage of done-Agents : 100.00%
Mean Reward : -891.15
Mean Normalized Reward : -4.19

Nevertheless, the submission is rated with 0.0 “Fraction of done-agents” and 0.0 “Mean Reward” on the leaderboard. In addition, the video of the submission lasts only 1 second and obviously shows only the 1st test environment. I have already seen this problem on submissions from other participants.

Is there any help or advice?
Thanks in advance!

Change the variable debug from True to False in aicrowd.json and post a new submission.


That’s it, thank you very much! It was quite a stupid mistake… :sweat_smile: