Submission format

As I understand from the challenge rules, our models will evaluating on a set of unknown random seed worlds.
But how we will submit our models? Just an archive of python files? Or in a Docker?

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@RomanChernenko: We will be posting instructions for submission sometime this week. Thank you for your patience.

It seems round 1 started but the submission instructions haven’t been posted anywhere? (at least I can’t find them)

I haven’t tried it yet, but I found some i information here

@PerInDisguise: Lol !! Yeah, that is the eventual starter-kit. But I am adding some final touches there, and trying to simplify it a bit before making the public release.

Looking forward to seeing the updated instructions. I went through most of the current version of the instructions and I currently have 2 issues (both regarding running the whole thing locally):

  1. In a separate tab : run redis server


I don’t know where to get a script (it’s not part of the starter kit at the moment)

  1. In a separate tab : run local grader


The script contains only a TODO to have it implemented :slight_smile:

If I skip the running locally part, would submissions already be accepted? (I haven’t tried tagging my private repository with the proper tags to mark it as a submission)

@PerInDisguise: Thats correct, and that’s why we haven’t publicly announced the link to the starter kit.
I will work on polishing the instructions tonight and hope to have the updated instructions ready tomorrow morning with something that you can use to make a submission. We are almost there. Thank you so much for your interest in the competition and the patience !