Submission failed : Failed to communicate with the grader

Some of my submissions are getting the error “Submission failed : Failed to communicate with the grader.”

People from another challenge are getting the error aswell

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I get a same problem, but don’t konw the reason

I guess it happens if the submission servers get overloaded, happened to me a few times randomly, I would just wait for some time and submit again, and usually it works.

What value should we put as grader_id ?
I’m following the submission starter kit guide, and I get this error

Submission failed : Invalid aicrowd.json : Unknown grader_id : ‘cinematic-sound-demixing-track-cdx-23’.Please contact the organisers/admins for a valid grader_id for the challenge you are participating in

Thank you in advance for the help. I’m just starting out and trying to submit the baseline

This issue has been resolved now. Please do let us know if you continue to face this issue.