Submission Evaluation - Queued since 2 hours

@shivam @satyakantipudi

I submitted again now. It is throwing the same error. I think you need to recheck from your side only on how you are testing out.

From my side I have questions on test data - please answer these.

  1. Total number of rows = 6,947 ??
  2. The column headers are a) ‘row_id’ and b) ‘prob_approval’
  3. The test file path is correct?

  1. Is my final prediction output code is correct??


  1. Please check above row_id numbers if they are consistent with your file.

  2. Please see top 100 row ids from my prediction output

If everything is fine from above. Then my output file is correct. You need to check from your side.
This is really frustrating to see failed submission error. Please troubleshoot and let me know if any issues from my side. Please note that I have already done ~90 submissions - never I got these errors.


Hi Shravan,

It looks like you have uploaded your prediction file i.e. lgbm.csv and directly dumping to the output path. We want your prediction model to run on the server itself and not prediction files to be submitted as solution. Due to which your submission is failed.

The row_id i.e. 5,6,7 in test data provided to you can be anything say 1000123, 1001010, 100001 (and in random order) in test data present on the server going forward, so we know predictions are being carried out during evaluation.

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