Simple DQN training navigation example

Hi All

If you like to see a simple example on how to get started with training on flatland.
Have a look at the simple file in the baselines repository.

I wrote a simple introduction markdown. Feel free to comment if something is not clear.


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Thanks for the intro. I just got to know this competition and are following your instructions.

However, it seems we need to install a pytorch as prerequisite, as seen from one of the txt files.
Should we just follow the intro on the pytorch website? Or you’d provide a simple setup for the learning environment?


Hi @xzhaoma

Happy to hear that you joined the challenge. The introduction i wrote is using pytorch for the deep learning agent (DQN). If you are using conda you can install it by running this command in your conda environment: conda install -c pytorch pytorch-cpu. Note that this however is only the cpu version, which is sufficient for the introduction. If you need GPU support follow the instruction on the torch homepage.

If you are not using a conda setup yet I suggest you set it up following the instructions here: Flatland-Challenge-Starter-Kit.

Hope this helps. Otherwise don’t hesitate to ask if you get stuck.

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