Servers look like they are struggling to process submissions

Looks like the servers are struggling to keep up with submissions?
I see a large number of submissions waiting for scores… seems to have been like this since 17:45.

I really should learn not to leave my modelling to a Saturday afternoon. Look’s like this will be the third week in a row that I fail to successfully get my Saturday profit leaderboard submission made before the cutoff!

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Hi @nigel_carpenter

We’re looking to see if this is an issue from our side or if the servers are fine and submissions are just taking a while to evaluate (i.e they are being run and not stuck in a queue).

If it’s a load issue then I will extend the deadline for tonight to midnight to make sure you are not left out!

It was indeed something on our side. We’re fixing it now (approximately 20min to resolution).

I have extended the deadline by 3 hours. See brief announcement.

Once again thanks for highlighting this important issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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