Seems like EVERYONE's submission is getting 'FAILED'

Dear, hosters.
Are you monitering the competition’s leaderboard status?
It seems like everyone’s submission is getting failed since yesterday evening.
Would you review this problem and give us feedback?

Thank you.

p.s. Error message before error: Conv Ai Validation: Preparing the cluster for you :rocket:

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cc: @dipam @mohanty
It seems like several of us are facing the same issue.

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  2. Submission evaluation is stuck - Task 2: Commonsense Persona Knowledge Linking - AIcrowd Forum
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@biu_biu @kcy4 : Please refer to this post: Service Announcement: Delays in GPU Node Provisioning

we will post more updates on this thread soon.


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Please reply to my discussion

Yes, a review / feedback on the issue would be great.