Round 2: Understand the submissions

Hi Folks,

I am finding it difficult to understand the format of submissions for round 2. Please help me with the following questions:

  • What files are necessary to be included in your git repo? (According to readme, we have to add aicrowd.json, do we also have to add, &
  • How to refer to the path to the test images folder? (in, the path is “data/images” while in the dataset it is “data/round1”)
  • I am getting “data/class_idx_mapping.csv” not found error, can anyone point me to the desired data folder structure?


Hi @EarthAI-Gramener,

The aicrowd.json file is required, and so is a file for specifying your software runtime (requirements.txt or environment.yml). The, and etc are for local use only.
The test images folder page is provided by the AICROWD_TEST_IMAGES_PATH environment variables (see here )
And you will have to check in the class_idx_mapping.csv file into the repository to be able to access it when your code is being evaluated.

Hi @mohanty, is the order of the rows relevant for the evaluation (i.e. does it matter in which order the filenames appear in the csv?) as long as they are all there?

@gloria_macia_munoz: No, the order does not matter. As long as all the files are represented, the evaluator sorts them based on the filename.