Round 2 starts on November 16th!

Dear participants,
after warm-up Round 1, the challenge now moves on to Round 2!

Round 2 will officially start on the Monday, November 16th.

On October 28th, we presented the REAL competition and Round 2 to ICDL.2020, you can see the video here.

We have updated the Rules as we decided to keep most of the simplifications of Round 1 for Round 2 as well.
In Round 2 it will still possible to elect not to use the gripper and to keep its orientation fixed.
It will no longer possible to use macro actions and additional observations, so the robot has to be
controlled directly in either joint or cartesian space and the position of the object with the segmented image will no longer be available.

Fixes and improvements - real_robots update
Before Round 2 starts we will deploy a new version of the real_robots package, which will include a number of fixes and improvements (e.g. see here).
We will also later update the Starter Kit package, since the baseline contained is no longer valid for Round 2 (macro action is not allowed). Other parts of the baseline are still valid and can be used as a source of inspiration.


  • Top 3 teams will be invited to co-author a paper.
  • Top 3 teams will also receive free registrations to ICDL-2021 (hoping it will be a conference in person!) - 1 free registration and a 50% discounted registration for the first team, 1 free registration for the second team, 1 discounted registration for the third team.

Feel free to post here any questions you have and Iā€™m looking forward to all your Round 2 submissions! :grinning: