Request to have the same baseline for everyone!

Dear organizer, all,

This challenge is a data-centric competition and the main purpose is to optimize the purchase. However, given our experiments the upper bound for the purchase policy is less than 3%. It means that we need to have a good baseline before we could work on the purchase policy.

Therefore, in my opinion, we should share the same training procedure. Our customer DL pipeline is only to optimize the purchase. I know it would be unfair for the current top teams but it would drive the competition in the way it should be.

Well, I am sharing my baseline with densetnet. It scores 0.84. The same pipeline with B6 could get 0.87+ (however, the pre-trained weights are not from the official site). The code is here AIcrowd

If it is impossible to force all participants, please allow us to use weights from other popular sources! I will try to publish a baseline 0.88+ so that people could focus more on the purchase optimization.

Many thanks.