REAL2020 stater kit - December update!

Dear participants,
we have just released a new version of the REAL2020_starter_kit repository.

This new version significantly improves the baseline computational performance:

  • introduced new option to use compressed transitions files, which shrinks them from 4.3GB to 1GB.
  • the baseline now requires less memory (max peak 9GB when loading full transitions files instead of 16+)
  • faster planning (extrinsic phase runs more than 50% faster)
  • it no longer hangs when planning using the ‘joints’ space

We have also released a transition file using joints and the cube (see at the bottom of the page here).

The current performance of the baseline is 0.150 on average on Round 2 - here’s a video of how it performs:

Do you think you can do better than that? Show us! :sunglasses:
We look forward to all your submissions! :slight_smile: