Question about timeline of research track round II

According the homepage of competition

  • 9th June : Round 1 begins and submission system opens.
  • 30th September: Round 1 ends (Intro track ends). Round 2 begins for the research track.
  • 15th October: Round 2 ends. Submissions are validated for compliance with rules.
  • December: Winners are invited to NeurIPS 2021 to present their results

However, according to rules

The procedure for Round 2 is as follows:

  • During Round 2, teams will submit their source code at most once every two weeks.

which implies that round 2 will last for longer than 2 weeks.
As far as I remember, round II was supposed to be end at November in previous homepage.

Could you tell me more details about the timeline and round II procedure? Thanks.

The deadline was set to 15th October initially, but rules indeed make it sound different.

I will let Nicholay (our rules guy) answer the question for final confirmation :slight_smile:

Round 2 is indeed short (Oct 1 - Oct 15).

In terms of submission limits: We will allow a few full submissions. We have yet to announce a specific number. Multiple debug submissions (with a “per day” limit) will be permitted, to test that your code works.

Thank you for drawing our attention to the outdated “once every two weeks” text! We will update the rules once we finalize the number.