Publishing the Solutions

First of all, I want to thank the AICrowd Team for hosting the competition.

Now that the challenge is over I wanted to know if the solutions of some participants are going to be published?

I tried several approaches but have the feeling that I missed something vital in the process and I have the feeling that I am not the only one with this problem. I think the community would greatly benefit from any published solution.
I plan to publish my code on my Github soon and would be thankful for anyone else doing the same with theirs.

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Hi @fabianpieroth

We are currently evaluation the top submissions of the challenge. We are planning on publishing the results and the challenge together with the top participants.

As soon as we have veryfied the solutions to be valid of the participants we will reach out to them and set upt to publishing process together with them.

At the applied machine learning days we will also present the results together with the invited participants.

So stay tuned for further updates on this.

Best regards,
The Flatland Team

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Hi @mlerik,

What does it mean

We are currently evaluation the top submissions of the challenge

Are you running them on another set of test cases? If yes, are you running all the submissions from the top participants or just the last one? Or by “evaluation” do you mean some kind of visual inspection to make sure the submissions are not cheating somehow? I am just wondering what it means for the submissions to be “valid” (as you said) - they did run on 250 hidden test cases after all.

Hi @mugurelionut

All submissions on the leaderboard are valid as they passed the official submission process.

Now we are only checking, that there are no licencing issues or cheats in the code. The order on the leaderboard will not change, except if we have to discualify solutions for cheating.

Hope this clarifies your questions.

Best regards,

Hi @mlerik,

my interest for the solutions and learnings from this competition is still big. The conference was about four months ago. I could not find anything about it yet. Did I miss it or when can one expect something to be published?

Thank you for the info, best regards,

Hello @fabianpieroth,

A recording of the presentations from top participants at the AMLD conference has recently been released:

The winning submissions as well as exciting news about the future of this competition will be released this month!



Here is our ( team) 2nd place solution:


And here is the winning solution: (same repository used for making submissions during the contest)


The top 3 winning solutions are now available from this page:

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