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Hello there,
I have a few question on how things will go after the competition. I saw the email with the README to add to our submission. What is the timeline to add the README and release code ? Do we have control over how the code will be open sourced ?


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I’d like to add a couple of other questions. What happens when participants don’t send in a readme. Also, what happens if we don’t want to release our code? Can we refuse the prize but still appear on the leaderboard?


Hi @defossez and @ada_or_ardor,

thank you very much for your questions! And sorry if the information we provided so far is incomplete.

Effectively, the README should be sent only by participants that are eligible for a prize (i.e., the top ones in the two leaderboards). By the end of today, these participants will receive an e-mail from the AIcrowd team with all the details on how to submit their code.
I can anticipate to you that the deadline to submit the README and the code is Friday, August 6th.

What exactly do you mean?
The code that will be released is the code that is sent together with the README.
As per the challenge rules, you will be free to choose the open-source license you prefer.
After we have checked the submission and made sure that it is eligible for a prize, it will be released on the challenge page of the AIcrowd website. Here is a similar example, for another challenge.
In case this does not answer your question, please let me know :slight_smile:

In this case, the team will not eligible for any prize (note that this is equivalent to refusing the prize).

Yes, even if a team refuses the prize, their position in the leaderboard does not change.
The only exception to this is if a team gets disqualified (@shivam, is this correct?).

Feel free to ask more questions, in case something is not clear.

And in the meantime, I’d like to thank you for your participation, I hope you had a nice experience with the challenge! :smiley:



Hello @GiorgioFabbro, thank you for the clarification. Following my employer policy, I might not be able to publish source code on a platform different from our github facebookresearch. I should be able to push a new version of Demucs based on my findings in the competition on the Demucs repository (on Github, facebookresearch/demucs) and push a solution on your gitlab that mostly make use of that code. You did not tell me on the timeline for open sourcing. Depending on which solution I chose, I would need more or less time to obtain the approval from my employer. I will also be in vacation starting on Friday until september, so timeline is quite important for that too.

Sorry I missed info on the deadline, 6 of august. This is an extremely short notice… To be fair I think it is not realistic to ask for such a deadline. Of course I can just dump my code but what is the point ? The ISMIR workshop is in november and I don’t see the rush in getting some dirty code out, while it could be well polished and accompanied by a research paper. The rule only said we needed to open source, not that we needed to open source within one week…

Hi @defossez, thank you for your response.
Yes, I understand your point, I’m now discussing internally with the other organizers, I’ll come back to you on this thread as soon as possible.


Hi @defossez ,

I discussed internally with the other organizers, thank you for raising this issue.

We understand the requirements imposed by some employers and the fact that open-sourcing the code can be a lengthy process not only time-wise, therefore we came up with the following solution.

The README and code submission are needed to determine the eligibility of participants to the prizes, and therefore cannot be postponed. The deadline for this cannot be extended and remains Friday, August 6th.
But this is required exclusively to select the winners, not to open-source the code.

Therefore, we can accept that a team specifies in their delivery that they need to release the code on specific platform and/or after an approval process. In that case, their code will not be open-sourced on AIcrowd’s website by us; we will expect, instead, the team themselves to do it in a later moment.

In this case, the prize will not be distributed until the team has open-sourced their code. This should include code, trained model(s), documentation, an OSF-approved license and cross-link back to the challenge page.

The involved teams will receive a follow-up e-mail containing all the instructions.

Hope this solves the issue,


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Thank you for the quick reply @GiorgioFabbro. That seems doable. I’ll be expecting the email with the new instructions and follow-up there if I still have questions.