🚨 Phase 2 Is Now Live

Hello all :wave:

We are excited to announce that Phase 2 (the final phase of the competition) of the Amazon KDD Cup 2023 is live!

Phase 2 will continue accepting submissions until 9th June, 00:00:00 UTC. This phase introduces a new test set, which can be accessed on the resource page.

All submissions to this challenge, from this point on, will be scored exclusively on the Phase 2 test sets, and the final winners will be decided based on the Phase 2 leaderboard.

Best of luck to all participants in Phase 2 of the Amazon KDD Cup 2023!

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I wanted to bring to your attention an issue regarding the Phase 2 leaderboard. While it is currently possible to submit prediction results, the leaderboard for Phase 2 is not displaying correctly. I am curious to know what might be the cause of this problem.

@snehananavati Can you provide information about the other discussion posts?

Are we allowed to use external data sources - e.g. crawl additional data from amazon.com?

Hi, is “9th June, 00:00:00 UTC” the start of June 9 or the end of June 9?

Also the overview pages says competition ends on June 14. Which date is the right one?


I would like to clarify that 9th June, 00:00:00 UTC corresponds to the beginning of June 9th. We have already updated the challenge description page to reflect this information. As for the announcement of the winners, the tentative date is set for June 14th. Any updates or modifications to the deadline will be duly communicated to all participants.

Thanks! This will avoid some drama probably.