No Submission Slots Remaining

I am limited to 1 submission a day now. Yesterday I only was allowed 3. With the deadline so close, everyone needs as many submissions as possible. Can someone please address this?!?

@crlandsc : The submission quotas have not changed. The submission quotas are checked against the number of submissions made by your (or any of your team members) in the last 24 hour window.
So for example, if you make 3 submissions at 23:55 on Day 1, then you can make only 2 more submissions until 23:55 on Day 2 (assuming the submission quota is 5 submissions / day).
The daily submission quotas are not automatically reset at midnight each day.

In the last few days, these are the only submissions we see from your account:

  • April 28th 04:13 UTC
  • April 28th 04:33 UTC
  • April 28th 04:45 UTC
  • April 28th 15:34 UTC
  • April 29th 19:34 UTC

All of the said submissions failed to evaluate for unrelated reasons (for more details please refer to the relevant debug logs in the issues associated with the failed submissions), and not because of exceeding submission quotas.

Additionally, we are updating the quotas for the competition, to allow up to 5 failed submissions which would not count towards your daily submission quota of 5 submissions.

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Thanks for the explanation @mohanty. There was actually another issue with my submissions (including “debug mode”) in the aicrowd.json. So independent of the 24-hour window, I was still receiving an immediate failed submission. Also good to know that daily submissions have been reduced to 5. Thanks again!