No attribute 'SIGALRM' issue in Windows 10


Is there anyone who have encountered the error below when run the base code of the MDX challenge on Windows 10?

AttributeError: module 'signal' has no attribute 'SIGALRM'

I and several users have encountered this:

I think it is caused by the ambiguous name of library ‘signal’.

SIGALRM exists in signal.pyi

but it does not exist in
When I run it in Windows 10 env, it tries to access with instead of signal.pyi,
causing the error.

I guess many Windows users suffer from this issue, not limited to the MDX challenge.

Will AIcrowd have a plan to fix this bug?
or I think I should add some comments in our repository to warn the potential error.

Thank you in advance.
Woosung Choi.

Hi @woosung_choi,

You can comment out lines 27 & 28 while running on windows as a quick fix. (as well as in your submissions).
We overwrite which will have code for Linux – during evaluation so it wouldn’t change anything.

Meanwhile, I can check if we can port the solution we used in another project i.e. Flatland.

Coindently by MLerik & spmohanty only from the GitHub issue link you shared. :stuck_out_tongue:

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