🏆 NeurIPS 2020 Flatland Winners

Round 2 has finished, concluding the NeurIPS 2020 edition!

We have received over 2’000 submissions from over 700 participants coming from over 51 countries! We have been thrilled by your contributions and enthusiasm.

And the winners are… :drum:

RL Track

  • :1st_place_medal:JBR_HSE, 214.15 points
  • :2nd_place_medal:ai-team-flatland, 181.497 points
  • :3rd_place_medal:SSG-RL, 143.985 points

Non-RL Track

  • :1st_place_medal:An_Old_Driver, 297.507 points
  • :2nd_place_medal:MasterFlatland, 296.347 points
  • :3rd_place_medal:vetrov_andrew, 273.339 points

Congratulations to all of them! The race was intense :tada: :clap:

Community Prizes

In parallel to the competition, participants also competed for Community Prizes, contributing to the Flatland ecosystem by building tools and implementing ideas that will help other participants.

And the winners are:

The submissions were few, but they were very impressive and inspiring. We warmly congratulate all four winners.

What’s next?

This competition may be finished, but Flatland is just getting started!

We are happy to announce that not only will we apply for a new competition at NeurIPS next year, but we are also organizing another challenge before that in the context of the AMLD 2021 conference, which will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland. :switzerland::steam_locomotive::mountain:

Beyond competitions, Flatland will also become a long-term benchmark, accepting submissions on a permanent basis. Our goal is to measure the progress around the real-world problem of train scheduling, and progress doesn’t happen only twice a year!

For this purpose, a new “post-challenge” round will be open soon and will stay open until next competition to allow the community to keep searching.

Thank you all again for your participation, and see you soon on the next leaderboard!