Network problem leading fail to build image consume submission quota

According to logs, image build quite often fail while building minerl because of network problem, which is not the fault of participant. However, submission quota still be consumed, which I think it is unreasonable. Could you solve this problem? Thanks.

Hey. The submission quota refreshes daily, but in a pinch @Shivam or someone else from AICrowd can requeue your submission if it fails in docker build phase (sorry, I did not notice your message on gitlab up until now).

In research track round 1, the maximum count submissions is 20. Will these fail build submissions be counted (I sincerely hope that not)? Thank your for your reply.

Ah! I assume you refer to the figure here? (Edit: I have removed the said figure from the github page. It had text “max. 20 submissions”)

That information is wrong, and for now there are unlimited number of submissions (but with a daily cap). Thanks for pointing this out tho! I will fix it.

Failed submissions are counted as submissions as well, as long they started the building stage (this, too, takes quite a bit of resources to run).

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