Model taking forever to evaluate

Hi @alfarzan, could you please look into submission #115580?
Is taking forever to be evaluated and I do not understand why.

Thank you

Hi @marco_de_virgilis

Apologies, this is an error we’ve seen a couple of times and are working on. Your submission was successful but sometimes the website does not update.

Can you please re-submit the model, it should work this time.

I’ve just resubmitted with your model (setting prices to zero) and it was successful (# 115596)

Could that same thing have happened with these submissions too? 115547 , 115527

Yes unfortunately, those two were also succeessful submissions :broken_heart:

Please re-upload them while we are working to reduce this error from happening. :muscle:

Hi @alfarzan, could you pls help me check the submission 116221 and 116017, they keep running forever maybe because I use tensorflow. But dont you suppert tf or I need to write dockfile myself? since currently I just add tensorflow==2.3 to requirement.txt

Hi @zhisheng_wang

We do support TensorFlow however could you please use tensorflow=2.2?

Alternatively you can also write the dockfile yourself as we support that as well.

Regarding the two submissions could you please re-submit them once? That might solve the issue.