MDX Final Leaderboard A Error

It appears that the incorrect submission was used for the final Leaderboard A. The submission selected was 214902, however, I chose 220394, 220215, and 219663 as my selected submissions. Can this please be corrected? Thank you!

I think the final leaderboard A and B order is reversed.
Phase 2:
A: labelnoise
B: bleeding

A: bleeding
B: labelnoise

Good catch @subatomicseer, thanks. It looks like they switched them now.

I think Mean SDR and Bass SDR for the final leaderboard A is wrong. SDR for the other sources seems to be correct, but those two are identical to Phase 2.

@kin_wai_cheuk You’re right, it had wrongly used the Round 2 dataset’s SDR instead of the full SDR. This is fixed now.

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