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Introduce yourself here, and find others who are looking to team up! :sparkles:

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  • A short introduction about you and your background.
  • What brings you to this challenge?
  • Some ideas you wish to explore as a part of this challenge ?

SUADD’23 Team

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I’m Mohammad. It’s about 4 years that I am active in deep learning, specifically computer vision. I’m totally update with the recent discoveries in semantic segmentation and deep learning. My master was about semantic segmentation in autonomous vehicles, actually I tried to propose a label-efficient method for this task. I have a good expertise in deep learning frameworks like PyTorch. My English knowledge is good and I can communicate well. To be honest, I have just one 3080 GPU with 10 G memory.

I want to participate in this competition to test my skills and further improve it. I’m looking forward to find teammates to share ideas and hopefully win the competition.

I have read and implement some of recent methods based on Vision Transformers (ViTs) that I’m really interested to have experiment on them.


I am a 3rd yr undergraduate student having expertise in controls and some part of perception of aerial robots. I am very interested in this field and would love to learn from my teammate. I would love it if we could form a team together.


Hey guys,

I am Gaurav Singhal working as a data scientist in health tech. I have been working on image segmentation for 2 years, won the food-image-recognition challenge in 2021, and achieved #2 last year. I do not have a dedicated GPU except for Colab Pro and one shared server with V100.
With this challenge, I am looking to expand my domain knowledge and ofcourse would like to collaborate.

I have experience with CNN and Vision transformer-based methods for segmentation. I would like to improve the method further to establish new state-of-the-art in the process.

Here is my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaurav-singhal93/. Ping me if you would like to collaborate.

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