Issues with the Training Data

This is the details for the same image. Both are in the training dataset for problem Chess-Win-Prediction.

We have input the same position on LiChess engine and we get this:

I hope that both the images are identical, the move is correctly assigned to black. But any engine seems to suggest that White will win this, Stockfish is giving it a +2.7 evaluations (very winning) in favor of white. Nevertheless, the official solution sees to predict that black wins. There is no possible castling or en-passant rule that can make that happen.

Am I missing something or is there an issue with the training data?

Link of the Stockfish evaluation:

We seem to be having this issue with a lot of other images.


I noticed the same thing (look at this post).
According to one admin, games are from real players, so even if a chess engine like Stockfish predict white as winner, black can win…