🚨 Important Update: Challenge Deadline Extended & Update to Rules

Hello all,

The current challenge rules outline that the challenge end dates to be 1st March, 2024.

To give participants additional time to explore and share improved solutions, we have extended the challenge deadline by two weeks. The new challenge end date is 15th March 2024, 23:55 UTC.

For consistency, we are updating the Challenge Rules to reflect the same, and this will require all the participants to re-accept the rules (by Clicking on the Participate button on the Challenge Overview page) before they can make any further submissions.

Please also make note that the daily submission limit has been increased to 10 submissions per day.

Hope this change enables you to share more of your amazing work. We can’t wait to see all the incredible submissions you’ll bring!

All the best!
Team CPD Challenge

The submission system seems to be totally broken at least for task 1. Stuck at Build Packages And Env phase.

Hi kevin,

There was indeed an issue with compute node assignment earlier today, but it has been fixed now. We can see that the image building for your latest submission has already started.

Task 2 compute node assignment seems to fail now. Could you please check it? The submission link is here AIcrowd . Thank you!