[IMPORTANT] Announcement - MineRL 0.2.5 Released!

@everyone Hello! Happy to announce that minerl==0.2.5 is now out! If you are a competitor it is crucial that you upgrade to this version and retrain your models as it fixes a reward loop which led to arbitrarily high rewards on the leaderboard.

Make sure to
pip3 install --upgrade minerl

Changes in minerl==0.2.5

  • Issue #230. Now user submissions can equip wooden pickaxes!
  • Issue #246. There is no more reward loop in obtain diamond! Scores on the leaderboard will be updated soon.
  • Issue #259. Rewards are now given for obtaining cobblestone!
  • Issue #249. We have now fixed a major performance drop in Treechop. You can now get > 500 FPS with head on an Nvidia GPU.

That’s all, but expect new updates soon! Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: