Human Performance

In the Obstacle Tower paper there is a section on human performance. 15 people tried it multiple times and the max floor was 22. Am I reading this right? I finished all 25 floors on my very first try without much trouble.
How far did everyone else get and how many runs did you do? We could try collecting more data and make a more accurate human benchmark this way.

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The holes appear at level 15 for the first time, before tihs floor, you just need to hold ‘W’ key to advance headlessly. I did this and fell into the hole the first time I play, and I assume that many other people did like me, too. Unless players are so careful like you, I guess level 15 is a reasonable achievement on the first trial.

Hi @karolisram,

The human players were not necessarily game playing experts. Many of them only casually played games, or had little experience with games. As such, their success was not as great as someone who is well-versed in these kinds of tasks. We explicitly wanted to recruit players randomly to show that humans are able to quickly understand how to play and can do well.