How to deal with draws

Hello everyone :wave:

I noticed that some boards in the test set are actually draws (9008.jpg), in that case what are we supposed to output in the label?

P.S: I also noticed that there are many boards that are just not legal (for example black king already in check but it’s white’s turn)

Thanks in advance and have a good day!

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Hi boussif oussama .

I guess you are talking about Win prediction in which case can you please share more examples that have draws in the test set.

I am looking into the second issue and will give updates :slight_smile:


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After further examination, there seem to be only one draw (9008.jpg) but there are many boards that I think are illegal (around 3000)

Have a good day!

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Strange, the 9008.jpg of test doesn’t looks like a draw to me. Can you check if this is the right image.


Also, by illegal, do you only mean that in case of checkmate the player still have turn ? I am checking in my code to figure out the root of problem but can you share some samples of this case.


Oh wait I think I got it mixed up. When it’s black’s turn, it means that the board is given from black’s perspective right? Because I thought that it was always given from white’s perspective that’s why I assumed it was a draw (since white pawn can only go up and not check the king) but if the board is given from black’s perspective, then in that case it’s a checkmate.