How does ranking work?

Hello, I do not understand how the ranking works in this challenge.
The last submission I made had a F1 score of 0.153 and it has been “graded with a score of 0.0”.
I was also “congratulated for my first submission”, but actually it was the sixth .
Should I select the submission for the ranking? Or is there a bug? Or is the F1 score irrelevant for ranking?

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Hi! Apologies the confusion - the ranking works by computing the average rank of your submission across all tasks using F1 score. Submissions with higher average F1 scores is likely to be higher ranked, but it may not be the case (ex: if your submission has really high F1 score on one task, but is ranked last for all other tasks, the average rank is likely to be large so lower on the leaderboard.). We have since updated the leaderboard/submissions so that more information is provided (ex: if you click on a submission, it now shows rank relative to your own submissions as well as overall).

Please let us know if you have any questions!