How do I view all my submission LB scores?

Is there a way to view all my previous submissions and their leaderboard scores? I cannot find this. I only see my best score displayed as my leaderboard rank placement but i do not know which submission generated this LB score.



I can see the score of history submissions here. But don’t know which score corresponds to which submission. For now, I just submit one by one and wrote the score down.


thanks. That’s helpful

This can be accessed under the Top Bar → More → Submissions

Only the Submissions section of task3 can be viewed, and the Submissions of task1 and task2 cannot be viewed.

Oh, thanks for notifying. It was disabled, have enabled it now.

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The button is still missing for task 1. Previously it was only be available for task 3. Now the submission button is available for task 3, task2, and the overall page. Using the overall page, we can view task 1 but it would be good to enable submission button on task 1 page too. Thanks!

We can see the submissions of the other users. That’s interesting lol.

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Can anyone see the submissions of task1 now? Actually I can’t…
And as written above, we still can see other team’s submission in task 2 & 3…

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