📹 Highlights & Recording from the Mosquito Alert Challenge Townhall 🦟

Hello all,

Our recent #MosquitoAlertTownhall was a whirlwind of insights, discussions, and revelations on mosquito surveillance in the digital age. If you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

  • Frederic Bartumeus, Co-Director of MosquitoAlert, kickstarted the event by shedding light on the MosquitoAlert ecosystem. He emphasized the powerful potential of CitizenScience and smartphones in revolutionizing mosquito surveillance.

  • Roger Eritja delved into the intricate challenge of species identification using mosquito photographs. He pointed out the nuances in mosquito morphology and how distinguishing genus is relatively straightforward, but discerning specific species can be a challenge.

  • Monika Falk, AI Researcher, illustrated the intricate nature of mosquito identification. She highlighted how accurately identifying a mosquito is a challenging feat, even for experts. Detecting tiny objects poses a formidable obstacle in the realm of computer vision, a hurdle we’re actively trying to overcome.

  • Joan Garriga introduced us to AIMA - Mosquito Alert’s AI. He highlighted its ability to swiftly identify mosquito images, ensuring prompt feedback for users and aiding experts in achieving faster, more precise mosquito identification.

For a complete experience, make sure to watch the full Townhall discussion on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/qSWJZUY-5DM.

Stay buzzing and keep contributing to this significant cause!

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