Help; How to submit?

Hi all!
I am not software programmer nor even IT student, you can say I am algorithmic programmer.
I never use and don’t know anything about gitlab, github and such things. So, all guides and blogs about submissions are totally ambiguous and helpless for me. I don’t know any of these words ‘git’ ‘repository’ ‘clone’ ‘push’ ‘starter kit’, etc and I am not able to understand them or what to do.
So, please can anyone help me to arrive to the point (I assume it exits) where: I have file, and I must write a program in it to process some input and output the results? and then submit it without any changes to other files (in some ‘sample submission’, I assume there exist one). Is this point too far??
If it is possible, I hope the help will be at the click_this_and_this-level.
I am very interested in this competition and excited about it, and I hope someone can help me.
BTW, is it possible to write the program in C++?
Thanks all.

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Hello @Zain!

You will probably need to get familiar with git to take part in this challenge. As a programmer, no matter which type, learning about version control is a stellar time investment! Github has some good resources to get started:

Another option is to make a team, so you could focus on your area of expertise. Post in this thread to introduce yourself and find teammates: Looking for team member?

Finally, yes you can absolutely use C++ to write your solution. The winner from last year used C++: