Has anyone actually got the prize payment?

Just want to see if any of you got the prize payment? It is a bit too long now…
@sergey_zlobin @ArtemVoronov @santiactis @gaurav_singhal @leocd @sagar_rathod @moto @aorhan

Nope, still waiting…

So the last update I received from the team is that they were sending all the payments by end of Jan. But apparently it didn’t happen, yet. Maybe @mohanty will be able to shed some light here for us.

Still no response from anyone, don’t want to assume bad faith, so would like to wait a bit longer. Not sure if the orgnizer can help us out here @dominik.rehse

I have just received the payment.

Dear All,

All the prizes here have been processed except one participant where the said participant is a Russian national with a bank that our banking partners do not support any transactions to.

We are working closely with the said participant and our financial partners to come to a resolution soon. In the meantime, we have the confirmation from the rest of the winners about the receipt of their prizes.