📝 Guidelines for Incorporating External Data

Hello Participants,

We’ve noticed an increase in queries regarding the use of external data. To ensure responsible practices, we kindly request that you prioritize transparency in both collection and utilization when incorporating additional data from the internet. Document your methods clearly, adhere to ethical standards, and communicate them effectively.

Detailed explanation on data usage, permission and notes on declaration is specified in this post; please go through it carefully.

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thanks for providing more guidance. Can you clarify, can we crawl amazon.com and use data from it - given that crawling amazon is might against the terms of use of amazon.com?

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Please elaborate on this part.
If a competitor obtains and uses external data from the Internet, do we need to declare in advance, e.g. in a discussion thread, how it will be obtained and used?
Or do we just need to be able to explain them after the competition is over?

Please go through this post for more clarity: 🗂️ Using External Data: Guidelines for Data Declaration