Function calling arguments in is mismatching with dummy_model's interface

in generate_predictions(),

for query_dict, query_web_search_results in tqdm(zip(qa, web_results), total=len(qa), desc="Generating Predictions"):
    prediction = participant_model.generate_answer(
        query, query_web_search_results

calling dummy_model by (query, query_web_search_results) arguments, and query_web_search_results is a dict type element.

but in models/

def generate_answer(self, query: str, search_results: List[str]) -> str:

search_results is a list of str

@vk11 : Thanks for pointing this out. This has been fixed now.

Follow up with an issue when running
when running for line in tqdm(bz2_file, desc="Generating Predictions"):
It throws error OSError: Invalid data stream

@evelynintech : Can you please ensure that you are using git lfs pull to pull the example dataset files via git lfs ?
You can also verify the contents of the example data files in the example_data folder to ensure that they are locally available.

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