[Explainer]: A Noob Code-First Notebook

A Noob Code-First Notebook

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The title is self-explanatory. Nothing too major, just some visualizations and a baseline model that we hope can help all those looking to start out.

Some really cool 3D visualizations for you to interact and play around with. Geologists in the community, looking to you to make more sense of the data and maybe even share some insights before the challenge ends :wink:.

Here’s a sneak peak!

Check out the code here: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1obka8aIo5zD4eJ96_FvCNdygNhXVUWOA#scrollTo=c9R9ZyYR9gCH

Hope this helps!


Hey that’s a really cool viz! I reduced the size, and uploaded it for this post! :smile:

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