Evaluation Timed out message

Hi Team,
I guess there seems to be some bug in the system. I can see a lot of evaluation timed-out errors while submitting (even one of my submissions was showing this and the worst thing is I did not even save that submission of mine because I was submitting via colab notebook and did factory reset after the submission was made from colab :sweat_smile: ).

Can any one rectify the bug so that we can make our submissions?? Also, can the timed-out submissions be made from your backend so that we know what possibly we could have scored in those?

Thanks in advance!
Akash PB

Hi @akash_pb,

Your submissions are evaluated, so you don’t need to worry about the lost Colab notebook. :raised_hands:

:information_source: Fun Fact

In your Submission’s detail page, you can click on the “Notebooks” tab and view your submitted notebook along with the “Open in Colab” button.
This should help you to resume working on your submissions… :wink: