Evaluation Error: Unable to orchestrate evaluation. Core services failed to start

I followed the Obstacle Tower Challenge README. It was working fine but failed on the last episode.

Here is the GitLab issue: I assume the admins have access to the issues?

Hi @seungjaeryanlee, this was because of a small bug at our end. We are pushing a fix soon. Will post an update here when this is fixed.

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Hi @seungjaeryanlee,

We just pushed a fix to obstacle-tower-env repository which should address this. Can you try downloading the latest master branch, and try to re-submit?

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I tried submitting again after pulling obstacle-tower-env again, but I still got a fail status. Was I supposed to do something else after pulling the repository?

Here is the link to the GitLab issue for my second submission.

@seungjaeryanlee: Are you using the latest version of the obstacle-tower-env ? One which includes this commit : https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/obstacle-tower-env/commit/888b3707284ac79b0995cd3dc333a44bd3d56993 ?

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Also, please refer to this topic : [Admin Note] Evaluation Failing on the Last Episode

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That was weird? I changed nothing and just pushed a new tag and submitted, and it worked! :confused:

Thank you for your help @mohanty and @arthurj!

@seungjaeryanlee: That was because, @harperj pushed a fix in the env. Great to know you managed to submit !

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