Evaluation Error but Image built successfully

Had made a test submission with the starter kit code which was accepted. But later submissions failed at the last stage alone. The image was built successfully etc and the evaluation alone fails. The code apart from the model, is identical to that of the starter kit.

In your aicrowd.json file, try adding “debug”: True, you will get the logs as to why the submissions are failing

The agent logs give off an Unsatisfiable error for the cudatoolkit and some incompatible specifications errors

It looks like some problem with the environment.yml file, can anyone sharee a working env yml file for tensorflow 1.x and keras ?

@shivam can you help please?

What specific version of tensorflow are you using?

Tensorflow version 1.14

Dear Akash,

looks like it’s a problem with your enviroment file, especialy with “cudatoolkit=10.1.243”.

@shivam Can you please look into it?


@akash18014 @picekl From what I remember, we have to explicitly set only cuda version 10.0 (Can I have an example of a code which is working to make a submission on gitlab?) . Maybe downgrade cuda toolkit 10.1 to 10.0 and make sure corresponding tensorflow works with 10.0.
This is the only link which helped me downgrade (https://dmitry.ai/t/topic/33)