Error : OSError [107] : Transport endpoint is not connected

Anyone facing the above mentioned? Tried a few troubleshooting steps, none seem to work. Please suggest if any one able to resolve it.

Hello @prachi_nagpal

Can you let us know when you are getting this error? Is it after running some aicrowd command? Or when trying to submit?

It would help us understand what went wrong better if you can share a few steps to reproduce this error.

@jyotish - This is while reading data from the drive -

test_data = pd.read_csv(AICROWD_DATASET_PATH)

For the first time, this ran correctly, the error comes after the kernel was restarted.

@prachi_nagpal how did you fix this error about Transport endpoint not being connected?

@e_t - yes, ADDI support team would be able to resolve this.